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Countdown to N7 Day - Freddie Prinze Apologizes As part of our countdown to N7 Day, we're featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the upcoming animated film Mass Effect: Paragon Lost available on Blu-ray & DVD December 28, 2012.  


In the previous interview clip, Freddie Prinze, Jr. (voice of James Vega - Mass Effect Franchise) reminisces about growing up with anime and throws around some 90's terminology in regards to Japanese animation. In this clip, he apologizes for using potentially dated terminology, but assures fans that he is a true geek at heart.  


Visit each day leading up to November 7th for more exclusive content. Don't miss your chance to see Mass Effect: Paragon Lost on the big screen Thursday, Nov. 29 in Dallas, Greensboro, Edmonton, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. Tickets available now on .

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"The real stars of the film though is composers David Kates and Joshua R. Mosley really steal the show with their fantastic score" –Mike Gencarelli,

"If you are a fan of the Mass Effect series and have played 1 and 2, then this is great way to great introduced into 3" –Mike Gencarelli,

"captures the spirit of the games, including a tense Moral Choice that Vega must make at the end" –Theater For Nerds

"Fans of the games will certainly enjoy the emphasis on authenticity that this movie uses. " –Theater For Nerds

"Paragon Lost has wisely chosen to focus on one of Shepard's teammates, James Vega" –Theater For Nerds

"Even if you had never played the game and knew nothing of the Mass Effect world leading into it, the film could stand on its own." –

"Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is the answer to the void that has been left in heart of all fans." –

"Even if you just like seeing sh*t get blown up, buy this film. It's worth the watch." –

"It’s a fun and enjoyable flick with good performances that made for a good evening of entertainment." –Chris Beveridge, The Fandom Post

"This is the story that brings James Vega full circle and shows the impact he had on the galaxy before he joined Commander Shepard." –Mike "The Birdman" Dodd, This Week in Geek

"Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is a winner" –Mike "The Birdman" Dodd, This Week in Geek

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